The Benefits of Bald

The Silver Linings of Chemo Induced Baldness:

  • No more bad hair days. don't have a choice, so just go with it.
  • Showering takes way less time.  Remember, shaving is eliminated, too. 
  • Always wanted to be that sassy redhead?  Now you can.  And that sultry brunette, sophisticated jet-black, or perky blonde...all in one week.
  • Hats, scarves, and wigs can be a lot of fun.  If you manage it right, you can actually match your headgear to your outfit each day, wigs included.
  • Hot flash issues?  Nothing feels better than reaching up and removing your hair.
  • If you have chemo before surgery, going for weeks without showering (thanks to those awesome drains) is not quite so hard.  Washing your face in the sink can also include your big deal.
  • Lighting candles, or anything flamable, is much safer
  • You save tons of time when getting ready to go anywhere.  You'll have so many other things to deal with, it's nice not to have to fuss with all those hair care accoutrements.
  • The above mentioned time saved will allow you to sleep later in the morning.  That will be appreciated right after a round of chemo.
  • You'll save money on shampoo, water, electricity, and haircare products.  Cancer is expensive; you're going to need every penny.
  • If you have a bald dad, this is the time to see if you two really look alike or not.

Nope, I'm thinking I look more like my mom, thanks to that Cherokee nose.
The red line on my forehead from the hat I just removed only adds to the cool factor.