Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Scan Results

The weather today was cold, cloudy and damp, which perfectly fit how my body felt following yesterday's chemo marathon. It was a perfect day for laying on the sofa and attempting to watch movies (concentrating is more difficult than normal right now) or migrating to the bedroom for a long nap. Nausea is kept at bay with the help of Zophran and Compazine, along with eating as many small meals as possible. If I could just lose that continual bad taste in my mouth. As soon as I stop brushing my's baaack.

While my outside wasn't looking or feeling too pretty, inside I was feeling pretty darn great. I received results from my MRI scans of last Thursday and was told "no evidence of malignancy". This has markedly increased my inner peace. Doctor Beck did mention things like excess water and "pockets" and what-not that weren't supposed to be in my hip area. Also something about a possible bony cyst. His hypothesis is that I had some kind of underlying condition that has been exacerbated  by the chemo...which was pretty much what I was hoping it would be. Arthritis I can live with. Bone cancer I can't. I do have the reports from the CT and MRI scans and, when I'm feeling like thinking a little harder, I will have to consult with Dr. Google about all that bony cyst and watery pocket business. Seeing how my deductible's been met, I may need to visit an orthopedic doc.

So, aside from feeling like a pathetic couch potato who just finished licking some hoarders floor, I'm a happy camper. I know that if the scan results had been bad, I wouldn't be feeling this sick. They would not have continued with the chemo, so, I'm actually glad to be sick. And I've got a happy dance just waiting to happen...just give me a few days.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quick Update on Scans

CT scans on Tuesday went just fine, and, due to me nagging them yesterday about my mysterious hip pain, I found out the scans came out great! No evidence of malignancy. So yippee to that one! That means lungs, liver, and all my girl parts look fine! Hot diggity!

However, the CTs don't give enough bone info, and thus do not explain my hip pain, so they scheduled me to come in for MRIs today. I will have one of my pelvis and one of my lower back...each takes "about an hour". Looks like I'll be immobile and horizontal for a good portion of this beautiful pre-spring day.

Not sure when I'll get results, but will let ya'll know asap.