Saturday, August 14, 2010

Unexpected Kindness

Lately I seem to be constantly surprised and amazed at the kindness of friends.  These are the things that bring me to tears. 

This afternoon I treated myself to one final haircut with Amanda (best stylist in town) at Enve Salon in Fayetteville.  Amanda is the kind of stylist that one needs to plan ahead for, as she's in high demand.  I usually have several appointments set months in advance, to make sure I get in.  She has become not just my stylist, but my friend, over the last few years. 

I let her know ahead of time about this whole cancer thing, mainly because I was unsure about how much I wanted cut (do I go short short yet, or not?), and wanted her expert advice and opinion.  She actually called me at home and discussed what she knew about chemo and hair loss (quite a bit, come to find out, having gone through this last year with her own sister-in-law).  She's given me great advice on wigs, eye brows, lashes, and what to expect with hair loss and regrowth.

So today it was great to get pampered by Amanda for the last least for a while.  She worked her magic and in about an hour I was a new, improved woman.  Pathetic ponytail, goodbye. 

As I watched her work and enjoyed the feel of her expert fingers and scissors on my head, I became a bit melancholy.  All that hard work, and in three weeks this great cut will be heading for the dumpster.  We laughed about it and I said it was like temporary art.  Not so much a happening or an installation, just temporary art.  Only an art teacher, right?  (I guess in about 3 weeks we'll have the happening.)

Then it came time to pay for this pampering and Amanda was having nothing to do with it.  She would NOT let me pay. 

She was NOT supposed to pull something like that.

It touched me immediately.  Right away the joking screeched to a halt and those dang emotions started bobbing to the surface.  Then seeing her stand there with tears in her eyes sent me over the edge.  How can a free haircut make a person feel so loved?  Well, let me tell you, it just can.  

I love ya, Amanda!  You made my day and every time I tell anyone about this, those dang emotions bob up again.  Where'd I put that box of Kleenex??


  1. Pass the Kleenex. Now I need some too! (By the way, I loved your little pigtails the other day) Now you need to take a picture of the new do and post it!

  2. The new do is nothing new, same ol'same ol'...just greatly cleaned up. I figured I'd spend a few more days with the bob I've had for a while now. Plus, I know by the time I taught myself how to style anything different, it would be too late!

  3. Great posts! I am sorry for your diagnosis, but thrilled to "get to know" you. I am a friend of Susan Tipton's and just want you to know that we are praying for you in Nashville, TN.

    Visit me @

  4. Hi, I'm visiting from Susan's.
    Isn't it always the way when you just get your " tough girl" coping act all refined someone goes and is kind to you and that is the thing that makes you cry!!
    hugs from a mumma in Australia that is praying for you sweet sister,

  5. Thank you, Melanie and Carolyn! That Susan really gets around. It's amazing to know that strangers all over the world are praying for me. Humbling and amazing.

  6. Patti, this is Penny, Amanda's sister-in-law. Words just cannot describe the rollercoaster of emotions that BC brings along with it. Amanda contacted me and told me about you and your blog and asked that I check it out. Last year when she was helping me with my loss of hair and wigs and etc. we joked that I was her guinea pig and that it would come in handy for her someday...but I am in tears right now and truly sorry that it actually happened to you, one of her friends. You are in my prayers and if you ever need someone (whose been there) to talk to just give me a call, Amanda has my contact info. The most amazing thing about BC is that you realize just how STRONG you are and you'll never feel more loved. People are truly amazing and want to help in any way that they can...let them, they will receive a blessing from just as much as you will.
    With love and prayers - Penny S.