Monday, August 9, 2010

In the Beginning: Correspondence

If you are reading this, and either know me or are the least bit observant, you know I have breast cancer.  I am finding that I have countless friends and family who care about me and want to know of my progress, so I've decided to join the gazillions of blogs out there and journal my to speak.  I admit it, I've been a failed blogger in the past, so this one may also bite the dust once I get in the midst of things.  In other words, no promises.  I don't know if I'm disciplined enough to keep this up or not.  We shall see.

To start my story, I am publishing a few emails that were sent to friends and family...the ol' copy/paste method.  I don't think they'll mind.  Of course, I'll not be including their replies...just one way correspondence.  Yes, I'm cutting a few corners here.  This way you can see where this whole thing began.  I'm still very much at the front of this fact, at this date the physical battle hasn't even begun.  The spiritual, mental, and emotional battle is going strong, though, and we (yes, WE) are kicking butt in that realm.  I have wonderful prayer warriors, both known and unknown, who are making sure of that.

But with the following letters, the very, very beginning of my battle is recorded.  Hope you get the gist...

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