Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to Megan - Finally!!

If you are observant or a careful reader, you may have noticed in my previous "art teacher forever" post, that I mentioned a "couple of good things". Perhaps this has left you hanging. Perhaps you are wondering what that second good thing might be! Two art sessions do not count.

The art conference thing was, indeed, a good thing. Good and normal. Good and hopeful.

But I've got something even more exciting and great and absolutely better than "normal".

It seems last week my oldest son, JC, finally asked his precious Megan for her hand in marriage. And let me cut to the chase...she said "yes".

They have been dating for about 3 years now. In fact, dating began during my first cancer battle in 2010, and she began showing up at our house during chemo sickness and baldness and everything...and did not get scared away. She's a keeper. She even sat with JC (and me) on more than one occasion when he took the role as my chemo-buddy on infusion days.

What adds to the sweetness of this is that I've known this was coming for months now. Back in the spring, he asked me to accompany him as he searched out the perfect ring. He, being male, was not terribly comfortable visiting jewelers and asking questions about color, cut, clarity, carat, etc. And I, having worked in the fine jewelry business many moons ago, was invited to help. 

This may tell you a little about this future daughter-in-law of mine. He had no qualms about leaving her out of the selection process. Not because he does not respect her wishes or is a dominant male who wants control...far from it. In fact, they had talked rings and she had refused to give him any idea of what she wanted, other than anything would be fine. She just wanted HIM. And he wanted to really surprise her. How often does that happen these days? And how very refreshing.

So, back in the spring he and I spent a couple of days visiting local jewelers and narrowing down what he thought she would like. I did very little, other than possibly asking some decent questions and helping clarify the whole diamond ring buying process. And encourage...I can do that. Oh,...and modeling and trying on...never above that bit of help, either. We had a great and son. A couple of salespeople even commented and said how they'd love to get to do the same with their son someday. I felt pretty blessed that he was including me. We made memories that I know he will always cherish, now more than ever.

And he DID find THE RING. A beautiful, white gold, vintage/engraved setting. Very unique and very Megan. And he bought it...and he's had it...for months!!

He's been waiting for the perfect time...and waiting to sit down with her parents and discuss this first and ask for her hand in marriage. I am so proud of my boy.

So when this whole cancer thing returned, things got serious. I wasn't going to wait any longer, and told him if he did not ask her soon, I was going to. 

I'll not go into the details of the rest, as in the sweet proposal on a scenic cliff in the Ozarks (where he first asked her to be his girlfriend), or the tea lights, or the old fashioned proposal that did not involve a camera or video or YouTube, but a good old-fashioned proposal, just the two of them. The only cameras involved were those in their own minds and memories. Oh, and I probably should not mention the chiggers that apparently also were there. JC is still feeling that memory!

But, obviously, we are very excited about this new member of our family. We have loved Megan for a very long time now. She "gets" our sometimes quirky family, and she comes from a close, loving, large and amazing family, so she is one big winner and we know we've won some kind of lottery getting her as daughter-in-law. 

Rejoice with us as we welcome this wonderful young lady and look forward to the celebration to come! Such great news!!


  1. Sweet, sweet! Congratulations to all.

  2. I am so excited for all of you! I LOVE that you went ring shopping together...what a neat memory for both of you. I may have to subtly tell my sons about that. :) Do they have a date set? Oh, and you know how I love hiking so the engagement sounds just precious!

  3. Love, love, love this post, and LOVE that J.C. and Megan are making this special commitment. I can't wait to celebrate two Walker alums "tying the knot"! Fun times to come!

    Love to all!

  4. Woohoo!! Congrats to your son! And to the bride-to-be. And to the mother-in-law-to-be! And the father-in-law-to-be! And, of course, the brother-in-law-to-be! You get the idea. Thrilled for all of you! What a wonderful time for some great news like this.
    Amy @

  5. Praying for you. I love Megan so much, shes so unique and theres no one like her. I don't think I'll ever find a friend like her, praying for you praying for you praying for you...can't say it enough. I hope to come for the wedding and get a chance to see them married, I dont know if Meg told you..but i called it when I was home in arkansas for a few days 3 years ago. I said your going to date JC, she laughed at first. Now they are getting married. :) SO sweet.-Sydnie Evans

  6. You and David will be awesome in-laws. May rich blessings rain upon all of you.

  7. Such happy times and what lovely couple : )