Friday, August 2, 2013

Can a Smoothie Be a Miracle?

Here is a little bit of heaven...
A son (Sean) who takes you to get your brain radiated before going to the hospital for chemo port surgery, and listens with empathy and sympathy while I whine about thirst and hunger (exacerbated by side effects of meds).

Sweet nurses who all take an interest in my story, with sympathy (whichs keeps me with tissue in hand). One particular nurse who wraps my dehydrated arm in a warm, wet towel to insure good veins for IV, which works beautifully. Did not feel a thing.

Finally go to surgery around 11:30, and finally get my ice water around 1:00. Oh, the pleasure!!

I am horribly and blissfully out of it, so we don't leave until around 2:30 or so. Get home to bed and Sean makes me possibly the best healthy fruit smoothie I've ever tasted. I loved it so much, he did it twice. I did not want it to end! Then David came home and did it again! Can I just live on smoothies from now on? Bliss. 

Between then and this rambling and Percocet influenced account, I am resting and being worthless and praising God for my good men.

Ahhh...the blessings!


  1. Glad you have such good men to take care of you! Do you have a recipe for this miracle smoothie?

  2. Oh Melanie- It's nothing too incredible. Unsweetened organic almond milk, whey or soy protein, a tad of ground flax, frozen over-ripe bananas (they add sweet), frozen blueberries and strawberries (rinsed), and after it gets going, a handful of almonds. Blend until liquid. We use a Vitamix. I think I'm ready for another one right now!! For someone who does not do sweets or ice cream anymore, this is a serious treat!!

  3. So glad you are being taken care of and that you finally had something to eat/drink. I have been thinking about you!

  4. Drink up and enjoy, Patti! You deserve it! So glad your guys are doing such a great job of keeping you in smoothies! Hugs and prayers continuing for you.