Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Testing Week...But Definitely NOT My Finals!

As per the doc's suggestion at my infamous MD Anderson visit, I am having a few tests performed this week.  For whatever reason, I have escaped a number of common cancer assessing tests...until now. 

 My imagination swings back and forth where this is concerned.  Did the doctors choose not to have these tests run, knowing that ignorance is bliss and that if this cancer has metastasized, finding it early doesn't make much difference than does finding it later (or so I've been told) -- other than causing extra stress, fear, worry, and sadness?  Or...(and I like this much better), did the docs not order these tests because they truly don't think they are necessary.  As in...they don't expect to find anything unusual in this body of mine.  

Finding nothing unusual is, of course, what I'm hoping and praying for...please God. 

In Cancerland, this is known as NED (No Evidence of Disease).  I have a crush on NED.  He's my newest love interest and mild obsession.  His evil brother, ED, however, can go straight to hell.  And, as a God fearing Christian, I mean that.

Today I had three tests scheduled, CT scans of my chest and abdomen and a bone scan.  Luckily, thanks to an inquisitive CT technician (and one of my Walker parents), I discovered that the bone scan scheduled at another location later in the day was, in fact, a bone density scan...not what we wanted.  So that appointment was quickly cancelled and rescheduled at the correct location for first thing in the morning.

Also, I have an unplanned visit to Dr. Cross' office on Thursday for an ultrasound of a mysterious lump that I just discovered in my left armpit.  I am hoping that it is only scar tissue or something related to the surgery, but we will find out for certain on Thursday (with thanks to Kristen, Dr. Cross' very caring nurse who could not bear to wait until Monday and managed to work me in).

I'll be glad when these tests are behind me and will be even more glad to get good reports.  NED, I do love you. 

I know I have many prayer warriors out there.  If you are so inclined, I would appreciate some fervent appeals on my behalf.  I'd like more than anything to have something good to report in a few days.

CT scan for chest/abdomen

Of course, in searching for this photo, I read that it has recently been determined that this machine gives off much more radiation than previously thought.  Like up to 442 chest xrays.  Figures.  Maybe that's why my local docs did not immediately recommend this.


  1. Hey Patti!
    I've been thinking about you and praying for you and your family. I noticed the care calendar is blank. I would love to bring you guys something. Let me know a good time and fill me in on your new diet!

    My prayer for you today is Isaiah 33:2

    O Lord, be gracious to us;

    we long for you.

    Be our strength every morning,

    our salvation in time of distress.

    Love ya!

  2. Thanks, Andrea! You are too kind. We are fine right now. Actually feeling pretty great and enjoying every minute of it. I have become an almost vegetarian...very little meat, almost no sugar (sad, I know), low fat, lots of fruits and veggies. More organic stuff. Green tea, turmeric, garlic, onion...all cancer fighters. There's more, but I don't want to bore you. :)

  3. Good for Kristen! Don't tell me that about CT scans - I ended up having 3 of them and a PET scan when i had some pneumonia that took 3 months to clear up a few years back. Nothing like adding to risks to monitor conditions. Keeping you in prayer - too many of the treatments you face are the same thing - using things that are destructive and desiring a positive outcome. Praying for everything in your body to return to a healthy normal.

  4. Thanks, Kay! Those CT scans are necessary evils, I guess. I know I'm not finished with them, either. I have yet to do the PET scan, so you're ahead of me there. I'm assuming your's came out okay and you recovered without residual effects from pneumonia (yuck).

    Yes, Kristen is awesome. This whole thing is taking way too long to deal with as it is, so every day makes a difference, especially right here at Christmas.

  5. As always....we are thinking of you and praying for you! Praying for great results and for a great relationship with NED! :) Also praying for peace and understanding and for your doctors to have wisdom in your treatment. Let me know if there is anything I can do!
    Have a very Merry Christmas - and remember we celebrate the birth of the very one who will see you through this valley.