Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eldersitting: Two Peas in a Pod

Doctor's orders: my dad should not be left alone. 

He needs someone with him 24/7.  So guess what I did this weekend?  Yep, I eldersat.  Not just me, but my brother and my husband and Vickie tag teamed at Dad's house and made sure he was okay, took his meds, ate, and most importantly...did not fall down.  We will spend this week working out some kind of round the clock care for him.  The easy thing to do would be to "put him in a home", as he says.  He does NOT want this, and neither do we.  He would be lost and devastated if this happened, and so would we, so we are doing all we can to make sure he is safe in his own comfortable, secure, and memory-filled home.

The aggravating thing is...well, me and my body.  I spent several hours at Dad's house yesterday and several more today, breaking doctor's orders by driving there (please don't tell).  I admit, I was quite surprised at how much one needs their left arm when driving.  When sharp turns = sharp pains, that's not good.  But, I promise I was careful.  Drove just like a granny.

My eldersitting job was a bit of a joke, though, since it seemed a case of the infirm watching the infirm.  If he had fallen on my watch, I would've just gone down with him.  But at least I'd have one good arm with which to dial for help.

If you had stopped in to visit my dad this weekend, there's a good chance you would find a couple of feeble and dozing bodies reclining side-by-side in Lazy Boys.  Two peas in a pod.

Today, though, I was determined to accomplish something.  So, with David's help, I managed to stop by Lowe's and Walmart to purchase Dad a much needed new dishwasher (to replace his antique 1970's model) and vacuum cleaner (his sucked - or rather, it didn't).  This seemed like a simple task and I thought it would be good to actually act like a normal person, but found myself seeking a chair while waiting for paperwork to be done in Lowe's, then hanging onto the cart in Walmart and longing to get the heck out of there. 

Of course, a new vacuum needs to be tested, which turned into vacuuming most of his house.  This was a bit too much and makes me think that my body is not the only thing that is feeble right now.  By the time I got home today I was shaky and weak and felt feverish.  Had I done too much?  Duh.  Just because I think I can, doesn't mean I should.  How stupid to choose to do something that could very well set me back even more.  If my mom were here, she'd set me straight, I'm sure. 

I know I'm impatient and want to feel normal again, but pushing it isn't going to make that happen.  On the contrary.  The sharp pains under my left arm and the tinge of blood I'm seeing in my drain tells me differently.  I think I'd better start listening to my body and common sense and remember that "no pain, no gain" is a bunch of bunk.

This may not be the last time this week that I get to eldersit my dad, but if I do, I'll be more careful to act his age than I do mine.  Surely I can handle that Lazy Boy and leave the errands and chores to the young-uns.


  1. Okay, I got tired just reading that! You need to take it easy. My orders. (For what that is worth) You can't help your dad if you don't take care of yourself. Okay, enough lecturing. Rest. Rest. Rest. :)

  2. OK - Jeremy's football season ends this Saturday, so I am then free on Saturday's and would love to come clean someone else's home(s). That is somehow more fun than doing my own - so humor me and let me help you with that or laundry, etc. PLEASE! I might could even do it sooner one day or evening this week if we can coordinate a time around work. Also, I can drive you places - kinda missing that 'taxi-driver' hat I used to wear before boys started to drive.
    Also, our church and Life Group is reading through a book called '40 Days of Love' and we need a real life opportunity to show love to someone in our community. So do you or your Dad have some home projects we can do? We can gather some folks to do just about 'whatever' 'whenever' &/or our church has a church-wide 'Be the Church' day on Sunday, Nov 28 that we are looking for local projects to send groups out to help people as a 'worship in service' that day so those projects can be just about anything inside or outside, but it happens about 10:30 til mid afternoon-ish. (It can be projects for adults only or families) Put your thinking cap on and let me know if you or your dad can think of something that will bless you and give folks a chance to serve and put love into action.